Website Manager: Georgios Psarras Information about Chania / Greece Chania is the second largest city in the island of Crete and a favorite  destination for thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Olive growing  is the major agricultural activity in the area, mostly for producing extra  virgin olive oil of excellent quality.  The airport of Chania is located about 12 km from the center of the city.  In late October there might be some direct charter flights from  European countries to Chania airport. The normal route however is  booking a flight to Athens and then take another short flight from  Athens to Chania. There are several domestic flights daily by Olympic  Air and Aegean Airlines . Information about Chania: Information about the area of Chania can  be found at the official website of Chania Prefecture at .  Expected weather: The mean air temperature for the area of Crete in  October is 20oC, while that of the sea water is 22oC. Typically, the  weather is sunny for most days of the month, although autumn rainfalls  could be expected (mean total rainfall for the month is around 50 mm).  Visa: Non-EU citizens are advised to check the visa-policy of their  home country for visiting Greece. If a visa is required, please contact  the Conference Secretariat, after you complete the registration  process, for asking the necessary documents for visa issuing.