Website Manager: Georgios Psarras Author’s guidelines Abstract: Visit the Abstract Submission Guidelines page by clicking here.  Full Paper: The guidelines for Full Paper submission can be downloaded by clicking here.  Oral Presentations: Each oral presentation should be completed within 12 minutes, while 3 more minutes will be  available for questions by the audience. Invited speaker presentations should be completed within 30 minutes.  A video projector will be available in the conference room and MS PowerPoint presentations will be presented  through the conference laptop (no connection of the projector to personal laptops will be allowed). In case authors  need other type of equipment for their presentation, or other kind of software, they should inform the conference  secretariat before the end of September 2011, in order to fulfil their request. Last minute requests will be quite  difficult to be satisfied.  The presented information should be focused on the keypoints and long tables with small fonts, or several small  graphs on a single page should be avoided. Fonts should be adequately sized and have a good contrast with the  background colors, in order to be easily read by the audience.  The suggested outline for the presentations is: a) short introduction, b) brief description of methodology used, c)  Main results with explanatory comments, d) Conclusions Poster Presentations: Posters presented in the conference should be up to 1 m wide. During the conference,  authors should look for the frames with the appropriate number, in order to post them. The presenting author  should be available for providing information to other participants during the time allocated for the poster  presentation session, in which their poster belongs to.